Intelligently Simple Targeted Prostate Biopsies at Focal Healthcare

Focal Healthcare’s vision is to improve the lives of prostate cancer patients by developing imaging technology that is accurate, efficient and accessible to enable better diagnosis and treatment.


Reliably targets lesions using MRI-ultrasound image fusion


Simplified workflow minimizes training and procedural times


Mobile, compact, and cost-effective for clinics of all sizes

Fusion BX is a prostate fusion biopsy device

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A prostate fusion biopsy device created by Focal Healthcare using innovative hardware and software. Fusion Bx brings targets from MRI into live ultrasound images, enabling urologists to take biopsies from suspicious cancer regions for accurate prostate cancer diagnosis. More Info>>


Prostate radiology software developed by Focal Healthcare to read and segment multi parametric MRIs of the prostate. More info>>

Fusion MR Viewer is prostate radiology software

Why Fusion?

Fusion biopsy enables trained clinicians to diagnose up to 30% more high-risk prostate cancers than systematic biopsies.

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