“Fusion Bx is easy-to-use, innovative technology that provides me and my patients ready access and seamless introduction of a fusion system into my routine office-based TRUS biopsy.” – Dr. W. Barzell MD, FRCS(C), FACS, Nov 2016

Fusion BX prostate fusion biopsy device

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Prostate fusion biopsy device that has been created using innovative hardware and software. Fusion Bx brings targets from MRI into live ultrasound images, enabling urologists to take biopsies from suspicious cancer regions for accurate prostate cancer diagnosis.


  • Cost effective: minimal procedural time and cost
  • Simple guided workflow: quick and seamless integration into practice
  • Mobile and compact:  transport between sites and fits into procedure rooms of all sizes
  • 2D & 3D imaging:  accurate navigation to targets

“Focal Healthcare’s Fusion Bx device offers a more practical and simplified fusion biopsy solution that will easily integrate into my workflow and further our work on active surveillance.” –Dr. Laurence Klotz MD, FRCS(C)


Prostate radiology software to read and segment multi parametric MRI of the prostate.

  • PACS compatible: seamless integration with current practice and other Focal Healthcare products
  • Semi-Automated segmentation: quick and reliable segmentation tool
  • Ease of use: simplified software workflow and data sharing with urology
Fusion MR prostate radiology software

Focal Healthcare Fusion BX targeted biopsy brochure

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